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Okeir Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd

Okeir Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd has been making offices more beautiful, sores more attractive to customers, and taking care of painting needs of homeowners. We know the correct and the best way to prepare your surfaces and paint any type of material in your building, and this includes: wood, metal, sheet-rock, and plaster. Our experienced professional commercial and residential painters here at Okeir Painting will take good care of your business and/or home.

We come ready to prove to you that when we perform a job, it is of the highest quality and you will be happy with the outcome. Our team will spend the time with you during the job to make sure you completely understand what is required of you, and make sure all of your suggestions and requests are noted and incorporated. Whether your project involves an entire renovation or simply a touch-up, we are here to help. Call today to speak with a member of our dedicated team!

Okeir Painting

Okeir Painting


Commercial Painting

The first impression is the key to success for any business establishment. If you can take pride in your decor, it will do a world of good to all of your future

Residential Painting

OKeir Painting & Decorating is a professional Painting company serving residential clients throughout NSW for the past 24 years. We are committed to ...

Interior Painting

Interior Painting can be a daunting task when you attempt to do it yourself. There are several challenges in front of the painter like: choice of colour, theme, style and paint

Exterior Painting

Enhance your home's subdued appeal with exterior painting services from OKeir Painting Company. At Okeir, we understand the importance of careful planning

Our Approach to All Projects

How are we above and beyond what you’d expect from a painting company?
Well, we’re always looking for more answers to that question. We’ve taken a long, detailed look at painting companies, contractors, and businesses in general. Elements we truly like, we’ve kept; genuine best practices, we’ve taken to heart. Everything else– even time-honoured business or industry standards– we’ve challenged, experimented, and built upon.

We offer a full suite of painting-related services for your residence or your company.

Our Team

If you need a new look for your walls, we are the people to call. Interior-exterior painting is one of our many specializations.

Our highly skilled interior-exterior house painters will improve the state of your home’s visual and comfort appeal with quality painting services. For your comfort and privacy, our team will display a high level of professionalism.

With years of experience in the industry, our house painters offer efficient and long-lasting painting solutions for your residential roofing system, adding style and quality to your home.

Why Are We NSW’s Preferred Painting Contractor?

Within 24 Hours

We respond to quotation enquiries within 24 hours

Written Estimates

We provide detailed written estimates explaining the work to be done

Completed Jobs

We have completed over 400 residential and commercial painting jobs


It's not just about the painting. It's about the opportunity that we are given everyday to make people happy. Whether it's a homeowner, a property manager, a business owner, an emp...


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